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The Crafting of Hand on Heart

For Hand on Heart, less alcohol does not translate to less flavor. We source our grapes from premium vineyards found throughout California’s iconic AVAs and employ the same high-quality winemaking techniques that are used on other premium wines. With over 50 years of combined experience, our winemaking team is passionately dedicated to quality, flavor and balance.

Our wine is pressed, fermented and aged using the same tried-and-true methods as many of California’s most renowned wines. When our winemakers feel the wine is ready, a specialized process incorporates cutting-edge technology to gently separate the alcohol from the aroma and flavor molecules, taking special care to preserve quality and flavor. With this important step complete, our winemaking team returns again to work their magic, blend the wine, and ensure that the final product is Hand on Heart perfection.

The Alcohol Removal Process

Alcohol is removed from Hand on Heart wines using BevZero’s best-in-class spinning cone alcohol removal technology, a process that preserves the original aroma and flavor from start to finish.

01. Wine Input

01Wine Input

02. Essence Recovery

Recovery(Aroma & Flavor)

03. Alcohol Removal


04. De-Alcoholized Wine


05. De-Alcoholized Wine + Essence

Wine + Essence(Flavor and Mouthfeel Additions)

06. Final Blending and Bottling

06Final Blending
and Bottling

Essence Holding Essence Holding
Spirits Holding Spirits Holding

Non-alcoholic wine that tastes so real you still need to be 21 to enter.


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